Who Are We

Our Vision:

To be the most sought after place in our community and East Coast, that people visit in order to experience healing at the highest level.

By experiencing God’s creation and the frequency that resides here on the land and through the interaction of the animals, others will come to know that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is alive and well and working in them to restore, heal, and bring abundance in all things for their good.

So what's the story behind the farm? In 2009, I found myself taking 13 different medications all to help with symptoms of different things the many doctors had diagnosed me with. However, none were found to give answers to heal. After several years dealing with my health, I said enough was enough and went on my own journey to heal. I am now completely medication free and in peak health. Through 14 plus years of research, came certifications for Breathwork, Sound/Frequency Therapy, the development of my own products, and now I have a sanctuary for others.

View of the farm and split rail fence

Imagine being able to completely unplug, eat organic, holy, healthy foods that meet your body's needs, maybe even working the ground and seeing the fruits of your labor. What if you could walk out your door, put your bare feet on the ground and just feel the peace radiate through your body? How would if feel to be able to walk out to the grape vines and pick your own grapes, a fresh pear or apple from the trees in the orchard to eat? 

 Picture firepits at night, or just being able to look out at the sky to see all the stars, to see the fireflys out and about, to hear the sounds of nature, the birds singing every morning, or watch the wind blow through the trees. 

There's something about nature that brings us back to ourselves and we see God in the big picture of creation. Being able to just breathe and abide brings healing on a different level.

Our Values:

  • Connecting to God
  • Proactive in everyday life to live in alignment
  • Feed our bodies with the food God created for us to sustain and nourish us
  • Training our body so that it can serve us best and teaching others to do the same.
  • Give back and serve others that desire health and healing
  • Unconditional love

Free Range Chickens in the yare

For more information about our offerings, future events, or ways you can contribute to this dream, shoot us an email over on our contact us page.

This farm is a place where you can get back to nature the way God intended, with creation living in harmony and abundance is everywhere. There is enough for the birds of the air, the beast of the land, and for you. 

 Who is this for?

  • Adults and children going through or recovering from injury or illness
  • Veterans or active military suffering from PTSD or other challenges they have aquired during their time serving
  • Anyone that needs to unplug for a few hours or maybe even for an overnight stay (overnight stays are in the works)

How can you help?

  • Become a parner (details coming soon)
  • Sponsorships (send someone or a specific group that you know would benefit)
  • Donate time to help serve whether it's garden maintenance, cleaning cabins, cleaning up the animal area or feeding the animals, or if you teach breathwork, yoga, any outdoor fitness, work the grill, take charge of the firepit on autumn nights, etc
  • Use this farm for your next health, wellness, or group workout, etc. event

picture of 2 nigerian dwarf goat kids

Picture of Sunflowers